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I’m Jack Trevelyan—a daydreamer, a traveler, a writer, a high-tech guru, a financial analyst, an international business consultant, an intellectual wanderer, an avid outdoorsman. I’m a highly-educated American with some interesting skills and numerous party tricks. I’m thick-skinned and unafraid of touching the third rail when necessary.

I’m non-partisan, and can be surprisingly resourceful. I believe in facts. I also think I’m fair and unbiased. I’ve experienced some unusual things in my journey through life, including spending a good deal of time in the Soviet Union throughout the 1980s, and then the lawless business environment of the Russian Federation after that. I’ve dealt first-hand with Russians and Americans on the very lowest rungs of the socio-economic ladder, as well as people at the very top, including policymakers. I think my perspectives are distinctive as a result. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

We all want to know the truth, right? But truth, in the hands of a skilled debater, can be fluid and malleable. Persuasive commentators pick and choose which pieces of reality they include in their analyses—and which they ignore—as they weave for us their own interpretation of events. Some are fair, but some are misleading—and are meant to be.

This is where I begin: forget the word “truth.” Claims about truth bombard us from every direction. And in the end, we get far too little of it. Science, on the other hand, doesn’t model truth. Science models reality. And reality means facts and events—all of them, in the sequence in which they occurred. Facts and events can be observed and documented. Careful documentation thus becomes the trail to reality. Facts and events are like stepping stones along the way—pieces of reality that can’t be logically disputed or rejected. They happened. No amount of reasoning can change facts. Either something happened, or it didn’t happen.

While there may be many different versions of an event, there is only one reality, and with enough digging, I believe what really happened is discoverable.

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